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EP 201: The Harry Potter Reality TV Show Gauntlet
w/ Brandon Grugle & Lauren Shippen


Live from Seattle on 4/21/22, it’s Potterless! Schubes was joined by Brandon Grugle and Lauren Shippen in his old stomping grounds of Seattle to take 11 Harry Potter characters and have them compete in a slew of competition reality tv shows. See who comes out on top! Topics include: West Seattle Bridge, Macklemore, The Amazing Dogs, Great Pottery Throwdown, Project Runway, Alaska Airlines, Starbucks unionization, The Toadies, sea shanties, Tyra Banks, modeling, Dragon’s Den, The Dallas Mavericks, Raya, Jungle Speed, Canada, donut pudding, GBBO, Taskmaster, Paul Hollywood, D&D, the Fear Factor experience, Marimoto, pull ups, Stumbledore, Top Chef, Tim Gunn, Archie, Season 2 of Project Runway, FroZone, dress codes, BTS, The Seattle Storm, Missy Elliot, Kirby, jet lag, Poo Poo Point, and more!

EP 200: What the Heck is the Plot of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Years 5B-6A?
w/ Grant Raun


From Phoenix, AZ on 5/18/22, it's Potterless live! Schubes is joined by Grant Raun to cover another wild portion of the infamous HP mobile game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. They finish up Year 5 and begin talking about Year 6! Topics include: Old tweets,, Voldemort beef, Blue Ska-dooing, chunky peanut butter, D.A.R.E., pranks, Evil Picasso, Rembrandt, Hey Arnold, tooth fights, RPG rules, PJO recaps, centaur shirts, good jokes, Shaggy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, communication, Talbot’s Kids, Curaco, tulips, the rule of 3s, Flipendo, story deaths, the Phoenix Suns, Fantastics Beasts 3, wizard drugs, Cat Magic, and more!

EPISODE 199: What is the Best Harry Potter Action Scene?
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein


Live from the Washington D.C. in March of 2022, it’s Potterless! Schubes and Johnny are back and doing another bracket (timely, eh?), this time to determine which HP book action scene reigns supreme! Topics include: license plates, open caskets, cherry blossoms, trampolines, Amber Alerts, 24, Boot Scoot & Boogie, Sia, tentacle brains, Fred Schneider, comeuppance, Hans Zimmer, Seven Nation Army, Scooby Doo, Mission Impossible, Marvel vs. Capcom, cookies, Fireball, Ted Lasso, and more!


EPISODE 0 : Everything I Knew Before Reading the Books

In this intro episode of Potterless, host Mike Schubert describes why he never read the Harry Potter books as a child and the backlash he received because of it. He then describes everything he knows about the series from the 4.5 movies he has seen before he embarks on his journey from Platform 9 1/2 to read every Harry Potter novel.

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