EPISODE 172: My Immortal (Part 2)
w/ Sequoia Simone & Kim Harris

Sequoia Simone and Kim Harris from Fanatical Fics are back and we get our first taste of the truly bizarre moments in My Immortal. Topics include: selling in, Count Chocula, Salt Bae, Bloody Mary, black pudding, Mortal Kombat, “Crookshanks, GO!”, Schubes Schubert, masticating, Pop Goes Punk, messing with commenters, and more!

EPISODE 171: My Immortal (Part 1)
w/ Sequoia Simone & Kim Harris

Kim and Sequoia from Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them lend their fanfiction expertise to help Schubes fully grasp the absurdity that is My Immortal, the most infamous fanfic. Topics include: Picasso’s Blue period, earnest parody, spelling errors, Evanescence, MySpace Energy, Mike’s prep phase, flipping off, Subaru, mall goth, Mary Sue, thesauruses, Clippy, *NSYNC, and more!

EPISODE 170: Hi!!! An Interview with the Puffs Ensemble
w/ Madeline Bundy, James Fouhey, Eleanor Phillips, and Stephen Stout

In our final Puffs interview, Schubes chats with the cast members who specifically played multiple roles that were wildly different from each other. The actors talk about their process and share incredible Puffs stories! Topics include: freeing villainy, limp Irish genetics, the most beautiful creation, supervillain confidence, honoring actors, impish positivity, Cedric’s wholesome cool nature, rain bucket improv, and more!


EPISODE 0 : Everything I Knew Before Reading the Books

In this intro episode of Potterless, host Mike Schubert describes why he never read the Harry Potter books as a child and the backlash he received because of it. He then describes everything he knows about the series from the 4.5 movies he has seen before he embarks on his journey from Platform 9 1/2 to read every Harry Potter novel.