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EPISODE 196: What is the Best Harry Potter Spell?
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein


Is your March Madness bracket busted? Fear not, as we've got a better bracket for you! From our live show in Grand Rapids, MI in August 2021, Johnny and Schubes determine which Wizarding World spell is the best with another foolproof bracket! Topics include: Tickle types, McG & Ginny, Cheeto locks, speed limits, DO NOT OPEN, Monopoly, prank snakes, vague blasts, Pokemon confusion, Inception, the wizard housing market, Dawn dish soap ads, arseholes, RDKKLS, the Nalgene challenge, unlocking cuisine, Captain Underpants, Meijer’s, Song of the South, and more!

EPISODE 195: Harry Potter and the Missing Therapist
w/ NAMI-OC's Amanda Wilson


The folks at NAMI-OC were kind enough to ask Mike to be a part of their Happy Hour series, and Amanda Wilson led a lovely discussion with Schubes about the good, bad, and in-between of some mental health situations that took place in the Harry Potter series. Topics include: Lupin’s condition, other werewolves and giants, Luna being bullied, Harry’s PTSD, Neville’s family life, Ginny’s possession, standoffish Dumbledore, talking to McGonagall, Cho Chang’s mistreatment, House Counselors, living with the Dursleys, mental health stigmas, and more!

EPISODE 194: What the Heck is the Plot of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Years 4-5A
w/ Jordan Edwards


Schubes is joined live in Ohio by Jordan Edwards of Mischief Management to continue recapping the story of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Things start to get weird as they make their way into year 5, so be prepared for the plot to eventually go off the rails. Topics include: OG Cursed Vault, the letter R, petrificus totalus durations, inconspicuous flight, Build-A-Bear, Redcaps, Snape Sense, Charlie Weasley, That’s So Raven, the uncanny valley of boring, payment in exposure, interesting results, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Arthur Ashe, Club Cool, Ina Garten, The TVA, legilimency, The Undisclosed, hair routines, Taylor Swift, and more!


EPISODE 0 : Everything I Knew Before Reading the Books

In this intro episode of Potterless, host Mike Schubert describes why he never read the Harry Potter books as a child and the backlash he received because of it. He then describes everything he knows about the series from the 4.5 movies he has seen before he embarks on his journey from Platform 9 1/2 to read every Harry Potter novel.