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EP 206: What's the Best Harry Potter Quote? w/ Johnny Frohlichstein (LIVE in Atlanta!)

w/ Johnny Frohlichstein

We're back with another bracket! This audio is from the March 2022 Atlanta live show where Schubes and Johnny use their foolproof system to determine the best book quote from the Harry Potter series. Topics include: ATL traffic, Spring Splendor, career-enders, Sean Kingston, he looming Heat, Liam Neeson, Jesus, BTS, steel toed boots, Italian Hogwarts, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Jesus Christ, the Olympics, bias wreckers, normal reading, #TeamBitch, and more!

EP 205: Wizard On Survivor: New Jersey Edition (LIVE in Asbury Park!)

w/ Eric Hamilton Schneider

Mike Schubert returns to his homeland of New Jersey with Eric Hamilton Schneider to play out an improvised game of Wizard On Survivor where it's all NJ-themed! Topics include: gas stations, Aunt Judy, Hans Gruber, torch, Asbury Park, Central Jersey, pork roll, West Windsor, lightbulb, challenge beasts, Grounds For Sculpture, The Shrine of the Silver Monkey, Crossing the Delaware, George Voldemortshington, Liberty Science Center, lighthouses, Frank Sinatra, The Jonas Brothers, NJ Transit, the Amish, BTS, and more!

EP 204: Why Hermion-Three is Better than Time Turners & How Ludo Could’ve Been a Great Villain


From the Milwaukee live show on June 20, 2022, it’s a different spin on Potterless. In this show, Schubes give two comedic TED Talks (FRED Talks) about 1) why his theory about what was going on in Prisoner of Azkaban was better than the actual reveal and 2) how Ludo Bagman actually could’ve been an incredible villain and not just a red herring. It’s a good time with a fun crowd! Topics include: clip Art, trademarked names, The Matrix, time travel, apologizing, Deadric Diggory, particular HP fans, timely nerds, backpacks, laughing at yourself, Severence, split versions, fan fiction, Adam Silver, planted lies, Daniel Day Lewis, Voldemort pouncing, teenage nemesis, pretzel sticks, Michael Jordan’s gambling, the sausage race, grapefruits, sass levels, the Brewers’ slide, dedication, squeaky cheese curds, The Recombobulation Area, millennial deathly hallows, Broadway, sneaker heads, yellow, snails, and more!


EPISODE 0 : Everything I Knew Before Reading the Books

In this intro episode of Potterless, host Mike Schubert describes why he never read the Harry Potter books as a child and the backlash he received because of it. He then describes everything he knows about the series from the 4.5 movies he has seen before he embarks on his journey from Platform 9 1/2 to read every Harry Potter novel.

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