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EPISODE 191: Potterless - A Look Back
w/ Kelly Schubert, Dottie James, and Johnny Frohlichstein

Schubes chats with some of the most important folks in Potterless' history as we take one last look back before stopping weekly episodes of Potterless and starting his new journey covering Percy Jackson on The Newest Olympian! Topics include love, joy, happiness, kindness, memories, fondness, laughs, warm fuzzy feelings and more!

EPISODE 190: 2 Listener 2 Fan Theories
w/ Chanel Williams

TikTok's resident queen of the McGonagall impression, Chanel Williams, joins Schubes to discuss more fan theories from Potterless listeners! Topics include: Cringey TikToks, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Hermione’s parents, horse handedness, Ben Simmons, Ted Lasso, McG’s motivations, Leo McGary, Salazar Slytherin’s intentions, Quirrell, BCJ: Method Actor, Mike’s earliest memory, Voldemort soul revolt, Madame Pomfrey, Miriam Margolyes, Filch’s mom, Scottish Harry, Coach McG, Mean Girls, and more!

EPISODE 189: Listener Fan Theories
w/ Super Carlin Brothers

The Super Carlin Brothers, masters of HP fan theories, discuss with Mike fan theories submitted by Potterless listeners! Topics include: drawing JK’s ire, Harold Potter, SCB’s greatest hits, Filch & Mrs. Norris, Santa, Book of Admittance and Quill of Acceptance, Cornelius Fudge’s crush, implied shrunken heads, catbus, Prime Ministers, Evada Kedavra lightning, Gotta be on Spooky Day, The fine print of the Sword of Gryffindor, 41:40 potential for THEY MADE IT, fiendfyre, lack of Malfoy redemption arc, and more!


EPISODE 0 : Everything I Knew Before Reading the Books

In this intro episode of Potterless, host Mike Schubert describes why he never read the Harry Potter books as a child and the backlash he received because of it. He then describes everything he knows about the series from the 4.5 movies he has seen before he embarks on his journey from Platform 9 1/2 to read every Harry Potter novel.