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Wizard On! Dance from Mike Schubert, Potterless Podcast host

We all know that they often say at Hogwarts, WIZARD ON! (This is definitely something the Hogwarts students say all the time and not some sort of improvised catchphrase Mike said in the inaugural episode of Potterless that he's stuck with through and through in every episode.) All caught up on the podcast but not ready for the fun to be over? You can keep the Potterless fun going and Wizard On in many ways! You can visit our Patreon to access bonus content! The Patreon has been rebranded for Mike's new Percy Jackson podcast, The Newest Olympian, which started once Potterless stopped posting weekly. However, for just $4 a month, you can get access to EVERY SINGLE POTTERLESS PATREON POST! Plus, you can always search for Potterless and/or Mike Schubert on the social media platform of your choice (as long as it's not like Myspace or something) to see fun posts and updates about Potterless live shows (which still happen often!).


The easiest way to Wizard On regularly is to rock some Potterless merch! The physical merch store is no longer active, but we've got loads of digital goodies available like live show replays, ringtones, wallpapers, and more at the link below.


Look at these wonderful human Wizarding On! It takes so many shapes and forms - check out photos, fan art, and more below!

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