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EPISODE 197: What is the Best Magical Item? (LIVE in Chicago!)
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein

Recorded on 8/19/21 in Chicago, IL… it’s Potterless Live! Schubes and Johnny are back with another bracket, this time to determine which magical item from the Harry Potter universe reigns supreme. Topics include: The World Series of Poker, Charizard, flash drives, almond milk, Jewel, Wizarding traffic cops, Need For Speed, Mark Jackson,  Mt. Illinois, MALORT, hairdresser sage wisdom, and more!

EPISODE 196: What is the Best Harry Potter Spell? (LIVE in Grand Rapids!)
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein

Is your March Madness bracket busted? Well, fear not, because we've got a better bracket for you! From our live show in Grand Rapids, MI in August 2021, Johnny and Schubes determine which Wizarding World spell is the best with another foolproof bracket! Topics include: Tickle types, McG & Ginny, Cheeto locks, speed limits, DO NOT OPEN, Monopoly, prank snakes, vague blasts, Pokemon confusion, Inception, the wizard housing market, Dawn dish soap ads, arseholes, RDKKLS, the Nalgene challenge, unlocking cuisine, Captain Underpants, Meijer’s, Song of the South, and more!

EPISODE 194: What the Heck is the Plot of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Years 4-5A
w/ Jordan Edwards (LIVE in Columbus!)

Schubes is joined live in Ohio by Jordan Edwards of Mischief Management to continue recapping the story of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Things start to get weird as they make their way into year 5, so be prepared for the plot to eventually go off the rails. Topics include: OG Cursed Vault, the letter R, petrificus totalus durations, inconspicuous flight, Build-A-Bear, Redcaps, Snape Sense, Charlie Weasley, That’s So Raven, the uncanny valley of boring, payment in exposure, interesting results, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Arthur Ashe, Club Cool, Ina Garten, The TVA, legilimency, The Undisclosed, hair routines, Taylor Swift, and more!

EPISODE 193 - What the Heck is the Plot of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery?
w/ Editing Mike (LIVE in Pittsburgh!)

In the first ever episode that is both Potterless and guest-less, Schubes took the stage live in Pittsburgh, PA in August of 2021 seeking to determine what the heck is going on with the most notorious Harry Potter mobile game. He made... progress? Topics include: Grapefruits, Two-do Bagman, life at the Schubert’s, smart ice, intense rugs, cool Bill Weasley, Inspendio, junk drawers, Bilton Blimes, Raichu, The Wobble, Footloose, and more!

EPISODE 192 - Who is the best Non-Human Character?
w/ Jackson Bird (LIVE in NYC!)

Live from City Winery in NYC, it's Potterless! Jackson Bird joins Schubes to determine the best non-human HP character via a bracket. Topics include: Pimp My Ride, BuzzFeed listicles, #AllVibes, Trevor fanfic, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Fluffy’s future,, CaddyShack, tiny dog syndrome, Firenze pronunciation, The Weakest Link, enchanted plants, ESPN narratives, Mrs. Florris, hangover Netflix, the USWNT, wizarding murder mysteries, wizard elections, and more!

EPISODE 157 - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park
w/ Julia Schifini

Live from Podcast Movement 19 in Orlando, FL, Schubes is joined by Multitude’s Julia Schifini to talk about what’s SO GOOD and THE WORST about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks! Topics include: Magic: The Universal Language, questionable characters, Fireball, Brookstone, Viva La Vida, the best type of Butterbeer, and more!

Wizarding World The Bachelor: Charlie Weasley
w/ Brandon Grugle & Lauren Shippen

Live from Los Angeles, Schubes is joined by Multitude's Brandon Grugle and Atypical Artists' Lauren Shippen to find love for Charlie Weasley in the most foolproof method: The Bachelor! Who will these three decide is Charlie's soulmate? Listen to find out! Topics include: Chris Hansen, math hats, Bad Boy Lite, flying experience, Japan, Illinois, Albania: it’s basically Greece, Bellatrix a freak, and more!

EPISODE 117: The Tales of Beedle the Bard
w/ Chris Rankin

Chris Rankin, the actor who played Percy Weasley in the films, joins Mike live on stage at LeakyCon Boston to cover the spin-off book, The Tales of Beedle the Bard! Topics include: Yorkshire, chattels, rubbish pails, hunger groans, Frank Oz, America vs. Britain, Black Mirror, pantomime, Prof. Kettleburn, the meaning of love, Dumbledore and Voldemort as basketball coaches, Brexit, Chris’ Weasley rankings, Rugby, and more!

Percy: SO GOOD or THE WORST? & Wizarding World Price is Right
w/ Helen Zaltzman & Melissa Anelli

A DOUBLE FEATURE?! WHOA! First, Helen Zaltzman (The Allusionist) joins Mike live in Boston to determine (with math!) whether or not Percy Weasley is the worst. Then, Melissa Anelli (Pottercast) joins Mike at LeakyCon Dallas to play Wizarding World Price is Right! Topics include: ebola, solving the grope debate, Boris Johnson, spare brothers, post-book sorting, and more!

NOVEMBER NUTTINESS: The Most Interesting Non-Essential Character 
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein & Eric Silver

Live from Houston, TX... it's November Nuttiness! Mike and Johnny complete a March Madness style bracket to determine which non-essential Harry Potter character is the most interesting! Multitude's Eric Silver moderates the shenanigans. Topics include: muscles & dragons, Barb & Joel, toxic masculinity, MunDINGus Fletcher, Conjunction Junction, and more!

BONUS - The Hufflepuff Episode LIVE
w/ Eric Hamilton Schneider & Julia Schifini


Many moons ago, Mike promised that he would make a special episode for whichever house got the most Potterless t-shirt pre-orders. Hufflepuff DOMINATED, so here is that episode LIVE FROM NEW YORK! Topics include: Wizards in the Catholic Church, fuck Jany Temime, Harry Potter Vans, Mike’s proposal to Kelly, the needlessly savage narrator, and more!

EPISODE 79 : Deathly Hallows (Ch. 29)
w/ Eric Schneider & Kelly Beckman LIVE!


Eric Schneider of Spirits and my FIANCÉ, Kelly, join to discuss Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in front of A LIVE AUDIENCE AT LISTEN UP PORTLAND! Topics include Wizard Spray Paint, professor biopics, Neville 2.0, GAUNT SHACK!, The Space Time Continuum, Nagini as an accessory, Twitter bios, action villain lines, the Ministry of Magic workplace comedy, and more!

BONUS - Who is the Best Weasley?
w/ Lauren Shippen

From the Multitude Live Show in Seattle, Schubes and Lauren Shippen do an official Lincoln-Douglas debate (yes, like the one from high school) to determine which Weasley is the best. Lauren takes the stance of Molly, Mike takes the stance of Ginny, and Brandon Grugle judges and moderates the debate.

EPISODE 63 : Deathly Hallows (Ch. 10) LIVE
w/ Nathan Cox and Alison Luhrs

Nathan Cox and Alison Luhrs of Jet City Improv join Mike LIVE IN SEATTLE to discuss Ch. 10 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and then have a super fun Q&A session with the audience! Topics include: racist beds, Farrah Fawcett, baby broomsticks, the worst animagi, CONFIRMING R.A.B., Apple User Agreements, the house elf uprising, Night at the Museum, House Schubert, ICP, wizard basketball, Viva La Bam, and more!

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