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Mike Schubert has had the chance to collaborate and guest star on a number of exciting podcasts! If you like Potterless, perhaps check out some of these equally interesting podcasts below!

Punch up the Jam.jpeg
I Wish (w/ Mike Schubert)
Episode #441: Brian? (OOTP Chapter 8, The Hearing)
Sacred Text.jpg
Superstition: The Secret Riddle
Ginny Weasley with Mike Schubert
#291: Live from PodX!
No Bad Ideas.jpg
Episode 15: Enhance, Enhance, Enhance (with Mike Schubert)
Is This Adulting.png
94: Big Horse Energy (with Mike Schubert of Potterless)
bacon and eggs.jpg
Sunday Brunch: My Immortal with Mike Schubert of Potterless
Episode 91: Mildly Interesting People and How to Make Sure They’re Okay
Not Your Girlfriend.png
Are love potions roofies?
Trader Hoes.jpg
Treat Hoe Self
Episode 31: The Santa Clause - E.L.F.S. (feat. Mike Schubert)
Episode 48: Wild Man of the Wynoochee
The Universe.png
Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo ft. Mike Schubert
Episode 39: Bad Boys Academy (with Mike Schubert!)
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