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EPISODE 12 : Prisoner of Azkaban (Ch.19-22)
w/ Julia Schifini

Julia Schifin of Spirits Podcast returns to talk the ending of Book 3! Topics include Wizard CDSI, ranking the best Hogwarts profs, pet lions, Roman mythology, 80s montages, SASSY DUMBLEDORE, Savage Hermione, and more!

EPISODE 11 : Prisoner of Azkaban (Ch.17-18)
w/ Julia Schifini

Schubes is joined by Julia Schifini of Spirits Podcast to discuss two of the most dramatic, plot twist filled chapters in the Harry Potter series! Topics include the awesomeness of Madame Pomfrey, Sirius Black's melodramatic antics, racism against werewolves, silvery orbs, and more!

EPISODE 10 : Prisoner of Azkaban (Ch.13-16)
w/ Jordan Edwards

Schubes is joined by Jordan Edwards of LeakyCon to wonder WHY THE HECK DIDN'T HOGWARTS SHUT DOWN WHEN RON WAS ALMOST MURDERED BY SIRIUS BLACK, analyze many confusing aspects of Quidditch, discuss one thing Mike ACTUALLY LIKES about Quidditch, make patronus innuendos, and more!

EPISODE 9 : Prisoner of Azkaban (Ch. 9-12)
w/ Ashley Strongarm

Ashley Strongarm joins the podcast to discuss a very troubling section of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Topics include A GLORIOUS QUIDDITCH RANT, the carelessness of wizards, the convenience of Sirius' backstory, SASSY MCGONAGALL, the name disparity in brooms, and more!

EPISODE 8 : Prisoner of Azkaban (Ch. 6-8)
w/ Amanda McLoughlin

Amanda McLoughlin is back to continue discussing the first third of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Topics include bad-ass Hermione being the best Hermione, Prof Trelawney being the worst teacher of all time, Quidditch being the antithesis to team sports, and Lupin being a total boss.

EPISODE 7 : Prisoner of Azkaban (Ch. 1-7)
w/ Amanda McLoughlin

In this episode, Amanda McLoughlin (co-host of @SpiritsPodcast) returns to discuss the beginning of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Topics include Aunt Marge being a worthless character, Cornelius Fudge being sketchy, Harry being the least smooth person alive, bird end-trails, the atrocity that is pumpkin juice, and more!

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