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EPISODE 189: Listener Fan Theories
w/ Super Carlin Brothers

The Super Carlin Brothers, masters of HP fan theories, discuss with Mike fan theories submitted by Potterless listeners! Topics include: drawing JK’s ire, Harold Potter, SCB’s greatest hits, Filch & Mrs. Norris, Santa, Book of Admittance and Quill of Acceptance, Cornelius Fudge’s crush, implied shrunken heads, catbus, Prime Ministers, Evada Kedavra lightning, Gotta be on Spooky Day, The fine print of the Sword of Gryffindor, 41:40 potential for THEY MADE IT, fiendfyre, lack of Malfoy redemption arc, and more!

EPISODE 188: Representation Shortcomings in Harry Potter (Part 2)
w/ Delia Gallegos & Michael Harle

Delia and Michael return to continue our discussion about elements of diversity that fell flat in Harry Potter! Topics include: being beautiful, white voice, Bart Simpson, Lupin, vampires, Fenrir, “You’re welcome, GAYS.” queercoding, pink pants, queerbaiting, Wolfstar, Black Hermione, patting herself on the black, #OwnVoices, ’97 Cinderella, other wizarding schools, Magic in North America, fictional colonialism, Navajo lore, and more!

EPISODE 187: Representation Shortcomings in Harry Potter (Part 1)
w/ Delia Gallegos & Michael Harle

Delia Gallegos (@deliaistyping) & Michael Harle (@Lupinpatronus) explain some areas in which the Harry Potter series fell short in terms of representation through the use of stereotypes and imperfect metaphors. Topics: secret conventions, Dean’s absentee father, redlining, Cho’s mistreatment, Kinsley’s last name, Angelina Johnson, Afrofuturism, gaslighting, SPEW, white knights, Jar Jar Binks, minstrel shows, and more!

EPISODE 186: Harry Potter Video Games
w/ Hannah Twigg & Charlie Joe Ward


The Goblet of Wine x Potterless crossover is finally here as we discuss the main series of Harry Potter video games, plus one surprising addition! Topics include: wimpy gamers, Spyro, PS1 Hagrid, hammer throwing gnomes, Flipendo, bonus bean room, evil washing machines, Stephen Fry, Eye Toy, Nintendo saying LOL, Uncharted, Valheim, The Nordic Team, casting Ludo Bagman, Greg Davies, in-laws, rugby, Euro 2020, and more!

EPISODE 185: Popular Harry Potter Fan Theories
w/ Vanessa Zoltan


Harry Potter and the Sacred Text co-host Vanessa Zoltan returns to talk about the most famous/infamous Harry Potter fan theories! Topics include: Disney villain prequels, Beowulf, the terrible Dursleys, Dumbledore’s affair, The Bottlecap Game, Pet Watch 2021, The TJ Maxx of souls, Macklemore, SpongeBob, true & mean, 11/22/63, "everyone is Ron," and more!

EPISODE 184: Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (Part 2)
w/ Micah Tannenbaum


Micah is back and joins Schubes to close the book on our Lego Harry Potter episodes of Potterless! Topics include: Bob Ogden cosplay, chugging milkshakes, Cormac’s love language, trial by fire, LEGO three stooges, Ocean’s 11, the evil hand, The Exorcist, Book Ginny, Monster’s Inc., improved puzzling, The Raspberries/Minute Ratio, The Lion King, Voldemort’s tea obsession, A New Hope, and more!

EPISODE 183: Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (Part 1)
w/ Micha Tannenbaum

MuggleCast's Micah Tannenbaum, enters the fray to kick off our coverage of Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7! Topics include: Suit Voldemort, sleeping in class, improved LEGO hair, turning things into ducks, big beauty marks, LEGO balding, Yu-Gi-Oh, improving canon, Back to the Future, adding levity, alternate HP universes, stealing Ollivadner’s wands, Spider-Man, charades, golfing celebrations, and more!

EPISODE 182: Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (Part 2)
w/ Eric Scull

Eric Scull of MuggleCast is back and he chats with Schubes about Years 2-4 of Lego Harry Potter! Topics include: carrot wands, MLB The Show, LEGO Creator, LEGO Island, Jigglypuff, Crash Bandicoot, Michael Jordan, Kevin from The Office, underrated Pomfrey, redhead representation, drumstick to the face, drinking at home, the service industry, Mouse Trap, The Trickster, the Movie 3 freeze frame, and more!

EPISODE 181: Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (Part 1)
w/ Eric Scull

Mugglecast's Eric Scull returns to Potterless to discuss what he feels is the best of all the Harry Potter video games: Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4! Topics include: starter video games, Mike’s type, Brickset, Jumanji, NBA Phantom Cam, butt wiggles, lego hair, Blue Ska-Doo, portrait interaction, Lego Chess, added feminism, Halloweentown, and more!