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EPISODE 6 : Chamber of Secrets (Ch.14-18)
w/ Sydney Adams

Sydney Adams returns to discuss the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! Discussion topics include Tom Riddle being an idiot, Dumbledore being a supreme liar, and Gabourey Sidibe having a great wizard name. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy!

EPISODE 5 : Chamber of Secrets (Ch.11-13)
w/ Sydney Adams

In the snarkiest episode of Potterless yet, host Mike Schubert is joined by Sydney Adams aka Pastatute from Vine! This episode takes the cake not only for most tangents, but also most laughs. Listen along as these two discuss the convenience of the plot, how Skele-gro is the worst name ever, and why being a student at Hogwarts would actually be the worst thing in the world.

[DISCLAIMER: There is a brief audio pause halfway through, don't be alarmed]

EPISODE 4 : Chamber of Secrets (Ch. 7-10)
w/ Amanda McLoughlin

Amanda McLoughlin, co-host of Spirits Podcast, is back to discuss more about the Chamber of Secrets! Topics this week include how Lockhart is Guy Fieri, an intense Quidditch rant, and "subverting the normal gender interactions of females in bathrooms."

EPISODE 3 : Chamber of Secrets (Ch. 1-6)
w/ Amanda McLoughlin

Host Mike Schubert is joined by Amanda McLoughlin, co-host of Spirits Podcast to discuss the beginning of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Discussion topics include anti-Gilderoy Lockhart tirades, a questioning of Malfoy's bullying methods, and raising concerns of whether or not Hogwarts is a safe place for teenagers. The episode is filled with laughter and good times, so hopefully you enjoy!

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