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EPISODE 130 - A Very Potter Musical (Act 2, Part 2)
w/ Dr. Hannah McGregor


I PROMISE THIS ONCE IS NICER TO AVPM. Dr. Hannah McGregor from Witch, Please! joins to talk more of A Very Potter Musical Act 2, finding more moments she enjoys and articulating why some elements aged so poorly. Topics include: the 4th wall, Pixie Stix, low budget humor, Lauren Lopez’s prowess, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, LOST, Neville: The Chosen One, Les Miserables, Darren Criss’ little hop, making fun of musicals, the great ending, wholesome feminist values, Space Jam, Back to the Future, and more!


Potterless Donation Duel 1: "Put Outer vs. Deluminator" for The Marsha P. Johnson Institute


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