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EPISODE 146 - Potter Puppet Pals
w/ Jackson Bird

Jackson Bird (@jackisnotabird) joins to discuss Neil Cicierega's Potter Puppet Pals! Jackson, a trans man, opens the episode by discussing their experience with the JK situation, and then shares LOADS of behind-the-scenes info about Potter Puppet Pals! Topics include: Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen, Neil Cicierega Mouth Dreams, Harry and the Potters, The Harry Potter Alliance, Yule Balls, Draco puppet, puppet myths, hand motions, flash animations, TSA, NPAA ratings, butternut squash, jack-o-lanterns, Lorem Ipsum, Kimya Dawson, Sorted, the fine wine of disses, and more!


Youtube links: Potions Class, Wizard Angst, Mysterious Ticking Noise, Wizard Swears


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