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EPISODE 188 - Representation Shortcomings in Harry Potter (Part 2)
w/ Delia Gallegos & Michael Harle


Delia (@deliaistyping) and Michael (@Lupinpatronus) return to continue our discussion about elements of diversity that fell flat in Harry Potter! Topics include: being beautiful, white voice, Bart Simpson, Lupin, vampires, Fenrir, “You’re welcome, GAYS.” queercoding, pink pants, queerbaiting, Wolfstar, Black Hermione, patting herself on the black, #OwnVoices, ’97 Cinderella, other wizarding schools, Magic in North America, fictional colonialism, Navajo lore, and more!





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Native Americans to J.K. Rowling: We’re Not Magical

The Harry Potter Universe Still Can't Translate Its Gay Subtext to Text. It's a Problem

Harry Potter and the Possible Queerbaiting: Why Fans Are Mad Over a Lack of Gay Romance

How Harry Potter Fans Are Coping with J. K. Rowling

J. K. Rowling (ContraPoints)

Responding to J. K. Rowling's Essay | Is It Anti-Trans?

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