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EPISODE 197: What is the Best Magical Item? (LIVE in Chicago!)
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein


Recorded on 8/19/21 in Chicago, IL… it’s Potterless Live! Schubes and Johnny are back with another bracket, this time to determine which magical item from the Harry Potter universe reigns supreme. Topics include: The World Series of Poker, Charizard, flash drives, almond milk, Jewel, Wizarding traffic cops, Need For Speed, Mark Jackson,  Mt. Illinois, MALORT, hairdresser sage wisdom, and more!


Get tickets for the livestream of the 6/19/22 live show at


Here’s the info about upcoming Potterless live shows and when the next set of tickets goes on sale:

Potterless PHI - 8/31 - Presale 6/1, Public sale 6/3

Potterless SLC - 9/11 - Public sale 6/6

Potterless POR - 9/25 - Public sale 6/6

Potterless DAL - 10/9 - Public sale 6/6


Tickets and more info at


Thanks to Leaky for sponsoring the tour, you can get 10% off tickets to LeakyCon 2022 (Mike will be at both!) with code POTTERLESS at


For Potterless digital merch, go to and for access to all the old Patreon posts for just $4 a month, go to

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