EPISODE 199: What is the Best Harry Potter Action Scene? (LIVE in D.C.!)
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein


Live from the Washington D.C. in March of 2022, it’s Potterless! Schubes and Johnny are back and doing another bracket (timely, eh?), this time to determine which HP book action scene reigns supreme! Topics include: license plates, open caskets, cherry blossoms, trampolines, Amber Alerts, 24, Boot Scoot & Boogie, Sia, tentacle brains, Fred Schneider, comeuppance, Hans Zimmer, Seven Nation Army, Scooby Doo, Mission Impossible, Marvel vs. Capcom, cookies, Fireball, Ted Lasso, and more!

VIDEO VERSION OF THIS EP: https://youtu.be/7ticCYexsRA

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