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EPISODE 201: The Harry Potter Reality TV Gauntlet w/ Brandon Grugle & Lauren Shippen
w/ Brandon Grugle & Lauren Shippen 


Live from Seattle on 4/21/22, it’s Potterless! Schubes was joined by Brandon Grugle and Lauren Shippen in his old stomping grounds of Seattle to take 11 Harry Potter characters and have them compete in a slew of competition reality tv shows. See who comes out on top! Topics include: West Seattle Bridge, Macklemore, The Amazing Dogs, Great Pottery Throwdown, Project Runway, Alaska Airlines, Starbucks unionization, The Toadies, sea shanties, Tyra Banks, modeling, Dragon’s Den, The Dallas Mavericks, Raya, Jungle Speed, Canada, donut pudding, GBBO, Taskmaster, Paul Hollywood, D&D, the Fear Factor experience, Marimoto, pull ups, Stumbledore, Top Chef, Tim Gunn, Archie, Season 2 of Project Runway, FroZone, dress codes, BTS, The Seattle Storm, Missy Elliot, Kirby, jet lag, Poo Poo Point, and more!

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