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EPISODE 204: Why Hermion-Three is Better than Time Turners & How Ludo Could’ve Been a Great Villain

From the Milwaukee live show on June 20, 2022, it’s a different spin on Potterless. In this show, Schubes give two comedic TED Talks (FRED Talks) about 1) why his theory about what was going on in Prisoner of Azkaban was better than the actual reveal and 2) how Ludo Bagman actually could’ve been an incredible villain and not just a red herring. It’s a good time with a fun crowd! Topics include: clip Art, trademarked names, The Matrix, time travel, apologizing, Deadric Diggory, particular HP fans, timely nerds, backpacks, laughing at yourself, Severence, split versions, fan fiction, Adam Silver, planted lies, Daniel Day Lewis, Voldemort pouncing, teenage nemesis, pretzel sticks, Michael Jordan’s gambling, the sausage race, grapefruits, sass levels, the Brewers’ slide, dedication, squeaky cheese curds, The Recombobulation Area, millennial deathly hallows, Broadway, sneaker heads, yellow, snails, and more!


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