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Percy: SO GOOD or THE WORST? & Wizarding World Price is Right
w/ Helen Zaltzman & Melissa Anelli

A DOUBLE FEATURE?! WHOA! First, Helen Zaltzman (The Allusionist) joins Mike live in Boston to determine (with math!) whether or not Percy Weasley is the worst. Then, Melissa Anelli (Pottercast) joins Mike at LeakyCon Dallas to play Wizarding World Price is Right! Topics include: ebola, solving the grope debate, Boris Johnson, spare brothers, post-book sorting, and more!

Live from Houston, TX... it's November Nuttiness! Mike and Johnny complete a March Madness style bracket to determine which non-essential Harry Potter character is the most interesting! Multitude's Eric Silver moderates the shenanigans. Topics include: muscles & dragons, Barb & Joel, toxic masculinity, MunDINGus Fletcher, Conjunction Junction, and more!




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