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EPISODE 194: What the Heck is the Plot of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Years 4-5A
w/ Jordan Edwards (LIVE in Columbus!)


Schubes is joined live in Ohio by Jordan Edwards of Mischief Management to continue recapping the story of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Things start to get weird as they make their way into year 5, so be prepared for the plot to eventually go off the rails. Topics include: OG Cursed Vault, the letter R, petrificus totalus durations, inconspicuous flight, Build-A-Bear, Redcaps, Snape Sense, Charlie Weasley, That’s So Raven, the uncanny valley of boring, payment in exposure, interesting results, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Arthur Ashe, Club Cool, Ina Garten, The TVA, legilimency, The Undisclosed, hair routines, Taylor Swift, and more!

Watch the video version of this live show:

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