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EPISODE 195: Harry Potter and the Missing Therapist
w/ NAMI-OC's Amanda Wilson


Hello! This is edited audio from the NAMI-OC Happy Hour, Harry Potter and the Missing Therapist, on 8/24/21. The folks at NAMI-OC were kind enough to ask Mike to be a part of their Happy Hour series, and Amanda Wilson led a lovely discussion with Schubes about the good, bad, and in-between of some mental health situations that took place in the Harry Potter series. Topics include: Lupin’s condition, other werewolves and giants, Luna being bullied, Harry’s PTSD, Neville’s family life, Ginny’s possession, standoffish Dumbledore, talking to McGonagall, Cho Chang’s mistreatment, House Counselors, living with the Dursleys, mental health stigmas, and more!

Watch the video version of this episode:

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