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You can also listen directly on SpotifyiTunes, and every major podcasting app. Thanks so much for listening and I hope you all enjoy.

EPISODE 160: Puffs (Part 6)
w/ Katy Nuttman

The finale of our coverage of the Puffs play! Katy rounds it out and helps process all the emotions of the ending. Topics include: Ned Nickerson, Wonder Woman, AOL Instant Messenger, away messages, driving a podcast, Mike’s purple evolution, loyalty and bravery, fighting white privilege, lighting design, Harry Potter improv, being the hero, critical fandom, and more!

EPISODE 159: Puffs (Part 5)
w/ Katy Nuttman

Katy Nuttman returns for the penultimate Puffs podcast pertaining particularly to the play! Topics include: "'sup nerd?", commissioning art, glass etching, Grey’s Anatomy, school uniforms, Horse Hoof Stew, The Addams Family, 27 Dresses, Red Delicious apples, Rocky Horror Picture Show, D2: The Mighty Ducks, Air Bud, white wine, Hogwarts’ education standards, the Mario of life, and more!

EPISODE 158: Hi!!! An Interview with Matt Cox, Writer of Puffs
w/ Matt Cox

Matt Cox, the writer of Puffs, chats with Schubes about how Puffs transformed from an idea hatched on a subway to an off-broadway play to an international hit! Topics include: old versions of Puffs, Poufsouffle, The PIT, Sex and the City, legal skirting, StarKid, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Craigieburn, Tacoma, improvised lines, and more!

EPISODE 157 - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park
w/ Julia Schifini

Live from Podcast Movement 19 in Orlando, FL, Schubes is joined by Multitude’s Julia Schifini to talk about what’s SO GOOD and THE WORST about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks! Topics include: Magic: The Universal Language, questionable characters, Fireball, Brookstone, Viva La Vida, the best type of Butterbeer, and more!

EPISODE 156: Puffs (Part 4)
w/ David Gordon

Alas Earwax!'s David Gordon enters the fray again to chat more about Puffs! Topics include: Taskmaster, French stereotypes, Seattle notoriety, Rocky IV, GoF choices, Community, Mummy yells, school dances, #BringBackNeat, slow dances, the loss of Cedric, Mike’s fav joke in the whole play, and more!

EPISODE 155: Puffs (Part 3)
w/ David Gordon

David Gordon aka Alas Earwax! returns to Potterless to continue the discussion of Puffs! Topics include: Homestar Runner, wizard hats, Ravenclaw struggles, fringe theater, carbon copy paper, Rolos, Mentos, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, day-old audio, the Hogwarts founders, Land O Lakes, Tubthumping by Chumbawumba, and more!

EPISODE 154: Puffs (Part 2)
w/ Katy Nuttman

Katy Nuttman returns to continue Potterless' coverage of Puffs! Topics include: Settlers of Catan, Avenue Q, New Jersey and new jersey, Sir Ian McKellen, wild bears, Christmas bed sheets, Olive Garden, queso, soccer stats, Newsies, the physical demands of acting, Give Zoom a Chance, and more!

EPISODE 153 - Puffs (Part 1)
w/ Katy Nuttman

Katy Nuttman (improv comic, theater teacher, HP superfan) lends her expertise to discuss Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic! Topics include: Ground Floor Potterless, Augustus Gloop, GameBoy Color, A*Teens, ABBA on speed, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, cootie catchers, registered trademarks, being close to the kitchens, YA Novel tropes, Bark Epidemius, and more!

EPISODE 152 - The Bertie Bott's Trivia Challenge
w/ Kelly Schubert

Kelly returns to Potterless for a fun new challenge. She and Mike alternate selecting Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans at random and answering trivia questions. If correct, they choose who eats the bean. If incorrect, the opponent chooses. Things get spicy (and gross)! Topics include: Beanboozled, ORNG, “burp me”, things stuck up noses, eating grass, light white and dark white, irks my bananas, and more!

EPISODE 151 - Fantastic Beasts Book (Part 4)
w/ Eric Scull

Mugglecast's Eric Scull joins Schubes to close the chapter on our coverage of Newt Scamander's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book! Topics include: Piglet, The Puritans, petting zoos, Donkey Kong, flying snakes, Mike’s bachelor party, Gilderoy’s intimidation, passive aggressive merpeople, BirdBox2: This Time it’s Personal, Spy Kids, The Little Mermaid, Yoshi, The Muppets, do wizards have guns, stealth Pumbaa, best selling textbooks, and more!

EPISODE 150 - Fantastic Beasts Book (Part 3)
w/ Micah Tannenbaum

Micah from Mugglecast joins in what becomes an incredibly chill discussion about some incredibly terrifying beasts from the Fantastic Beasts book. Topics include: Diglett, Fire-Ass, Wizarding CBD, Hidebehind: the movie, fish power, science lab, unjust detention, appendices, sonic the hedgehogs, Spirited Away, super corn & mega potatoes, the Pikachu of FBAWTFT, and more!

EPISODE 149 - A Very Interview Sequel
w/ Lauren Lopez, Corey Lubowich, and Brian Rosenthal

StarKid/Tin Can Bros' Lauren Lopez, Corey Lubowich, and Brian Rosenthal talk about their experience with the A Very Potter Trilogy as well as their new project, Wayward Guide! Topics include: The Olympics, Heelys, Compliment Corner, string cheese, working with funny people, The Red Vine Situation, DIY mentality, regional accents, AOL, fence-sitting, and more!

EPISODE 148: Fantastic Beasts Book (Part 2)
w/ Caleb Denecour

Caleb Denecour (@CalebDenecour) returns to talk from Billywigs through Dragons in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spin-off book! Topics include: Schubie Dooby Doo, Newt’s jacket, moldy dorms, respecting pets, Damian Lillard, Flying Monkeys, declawing cats, "orang-utan", Kevin from Up, venomous snakes, MOSQUITO DRAGONS, Mandyville, Francois Delacour, Alien vs. Predator, and more!

EPISODE 147: Fantastic Beasts Book (Part 1)
w/ Caleb Denecour

Caleb Denecour, Zoology major turned Ultimate Frisbee athlete, joins to talk about the first portion of Newt Scamander's "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" book! Topics include: Dumbledore inconsistencies, J. Jonah Jameson, acronyms, US textbooks, wanderlust, forewords, wizard consultants, MACUSA, toddler books, Smokey the Bear, Wizarding Parks and Rec, Yellowcard, a new basilisk plan, SpongeBob, and more!

EPISODE 146: Potter Puppet Pals
w/ Jackson Bird

Jackson Bird (@jackisnotabird) joins to discuss Neil Cicierega's Potter Puppet Pals! Jackson, a trans man, opens the episode by discussing their experience with the JK situation, and then shares LOADS of behind-the-scenes info about Potter Puppet Pals! Topics include: Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen, Neil Cicierega Mouth Dreams, Harry and the Potters, The Harry Potter Alliance, Yule Balls, Draco puppet, puppet myths, hand motions, flash animations, TSA, NPAA ratings, butternut squash, jack-o-lanterns, Lorem Ipsum, Kimya Dawson, Sorted, the fine wine of disses, and more!

EPISODE 145: Quidditch Through the Ages (Part 3) 
w/ J'Neia Stewart

J'Neia is back for the final bout against Quidditch Through the Ages and her and Schubes team up to deliver the final blow and knock this book out for good. Topics include: Herbologist Atheltes, Antipodean, Uno, The Johannesburg Jaguars, African Quidditch, Texas deserves better, British Imperialism, flying carpet problems, elite fireworks, broom wood types, Schubes1-16, The Flying V, and more!

EPISODE 144: Quidditch Through the Ages (Part 2) 
w/ J'Neia Stewart

J'Neia is back for more QTTA, and we actually get to cover the interesting part of the book! Sadly, that's only one chapter! Topics include: dunking, Bill Belichick, Air Bud: Snitch Edition, Usain Bolt, Werewolf Krum, Avengers Endgame, Gritty, the Beyoncé of Wales, Mykonos, the Bad Boy Pistons, The Incredibles, Celestina Warbeck lyrics, Monster's Inc. and more!

EPISODE 143: Quidditch Through the Ages (Part 1) 
w/ J'Neia Stewart

J'Neia Stewart from House of Black podcast starts our discussion of the dumpster fire that is Quidditch Through the Ages. Topics include: transfiguration brain, flying carpets, The Silver Surfer, “SURVIVORS?”, Marathons, “the spirit of not giving a fuck”, additional consonants, wizard jousting, a knights tale, the floor is lava, cabbage guy from ATLA, baseball with pigeons, old basketball, wizards on ice, and more!

EPISODE 142: A Very Potter Interview 
w/ Jaime Lyn Beatty

Jaime Lyn Beatty, who played Ginny and Rita Skeeter in StarKid's A Very Potter Trilogy, joins for a silly interview answering Mike's burning (and also ridiculous) questions about the production and her performances! Topics include: the giant Hershey’s bar, hair maneuvers, Ginny’s yellow shoes, streaky markers, typos, the original AVPM casting notice, A Christmas Story, murders of crows, measuring with appliances, StarKid’s growth, nostalgia, dating as husband and wife, and more!

EPISODE 141: A Very Potter Senior Year (Act 2, Part 3)
w/ Kim Harris

Kim from Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them makes her Potterless debut to close out the discussion of AVPSY! Topics include: Andrew Garfield Spider-Man, Gryffindors: the good guys, Jilly, a mini-Snape rant, crowd participation, Hamilton, Twitter corrections, impressive stumbling, Holy Water, poop retcons, throuples, tears flowing like wine, and more!

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