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Get ready to start listening! To organize by book, hover over "Episodes" in the tool bar above and look in the drop down menu. 

You can also listen directly on SpotifyiTunes, and every major podcasting app. Thanks so much for listening and I hope you all enjoy.

EPISODE 60 : Deathly Hallows (Ch. 5)
w/ Emma Sherr-Ziarko

Emma Sherr-Ziarko of Wolf 359 and Pairing joins to discuss more of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Topics include 

Nymphadora the Explorer, Roald Dahl, flawed Order plans, the one good Slytherin, No B.S. Lupin, "Really, expelliarmus?!", Loki, God, Robert Galbraith, escalating deaths, petty old people, and more!

EPISODE 59 : Deathly Hallows (Ch. 3-4)
w/ Amanda McLoughlin


Multitude's Amanda McLoughlin comes through again to discuss more Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Topics include dunking on Marie GrandPre, claptrap, Dedalus Diggle, mauve tophats, public transportation, Mike liking a Dursley chapter?, hair obsessions, the worst shots, Flying Voldemort, Dragon Fire Boops, Qi, and more!

EPISODE 58 : Deathly Hallows (Ch. 1-2)
w/ Amanda McLoughlin


Amanda McLoughlin of Spirits and Join the Party makes a triumphant return to school Mike on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Topics include poetry prologues, creepy peacocks, Voldedmort, assigned seating, Thickness, anti-facism, Dodgie Dodge, Wizard ASMR, wizards vs warlocks, and more!

EPISODE 57 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 29-30)
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein

Johnny is back to round out the final chapters of HBP! WE HAVE BEEN DOING THIS BOOK FOR 9 MONTHS HOLY CRAP. Topics include Pablo Sanchez, Pokemon names, selling Felix Felicis, British English being wrong, basketball awkwardness, Future Mike’s gonna flip, Gibbon, Regulus Black, British vs. French food, Silence of the Lambs, funeral pyres, and more!

EPISODE 56 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 27-28)
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein

Johnny makes his return to talk about an intense pair of chapters in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include crenelated ramparts, wizard rock band names, Quip City, MIKE NAILS THE ROSMERTA PREDICTION, Final Destination, illustration spoilers, the iPhone game, Snape impressions, creating spells, wondering WTF is actually in the 6th movie, and more!

EPISODE 55 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 26)
w/ Johnny Frohlichstein

Mike's best friend and fellow garbage person, Johnny Frohlichstein, joins to make themselves laugh (and hopefully you too) about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include underutilizing the inferi, the Flying Dutchman, kegstands, Drunkledore, big spoiler free boy, Johnny Cash, Dumbledore Jones, and more!

EPISODE 54 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 25)
w/ Kelly Beckman

Kelly Beckman makes it a trifecta and returns to discuss more Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include Eileen “Not Pretty” Prince, Gobstones teams, NBA Street Vol. 2, handwriting, Mike making VERY BOLD and VERY INCORRECT predictions, girlfriends at other schools, trash talking, Mike calling out Rosmerta, and more!

EPISODE 53 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 24)
w/ Kelly Beckman

Kelly Beckman returns ON POTTERLESS' SECOND BIRTHDAY to discuss more of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! Topics include Elvis, Dueling Champion Flitwick, "Why was Lockheart hired?", Dwight Howard, Mapquest, Dean's super strength, AND SOME MORE QUIDDITCH BULLSHIT.

EPISODE 52 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 23)
w/ Kelly Beckman

Potterless' web designer, the reason the show exists, and my girlfriend, Kelly Beckman, joins to discuss HORCRUXES (and other elements of Half-Blood Prince)! Topics include: Slughorn also sucks, Big Scientist JK Rowling, ear trumpets, strategy for Voldemort, circus peanuts vs. candy corn, a sad realization about Phinneas, and more!

EPISODE 51 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 21-22)
w/ Meghan Fruehauf

TAG TEAM, BACK AGAIN! My sister makes her third stint on Potterless to discuss more of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include chucking vs. dumping, Moaning Myrtle the Poltergeist, Harry not caring about his mom, Brooklyn 99, fake drinking, Spider-Man 3, Zuul, the creepiness of dating cousins, and more!

EPISODE 50 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 20)
w/ Meghan Fruehauf

My older sister returns to discuss a pensieve-filled episode about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include Rick Steves, breakups, “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed,” The Hokey Pokey, Borgin & Burkes the Musical, savage Narrator Harry, Harry’s crush on Tom, honey badgers, the return of Yungledore, Explosion Thundercloud, Mean Girls, Prince, and more!

EPISODE 49 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 19)
w/ Meghan Fruehauf

My beloved sister, Meghan, who tried to get me to read the series for YEARS joins to discuss Ch. 19 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include Fred vs. George, Ron’s bad injury luck, Harry endangering the Weasleys, Hagrid’s lack of self-awareness, fake sleeping, sexy voices, Mike’s brilliant Quidditch strategy and more!

EPISODE 48 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 18)
w/ Miel Bredouw

Punch Up the Jam's Miel Bredouw makes her return to discuss more of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include Scantron cheating, Ralphing, Snape’s aesthetics, naughty dictionaries, Mike’s concern for apparition, The 5 D’s of Dodgeball, Slugworth, The Racist 5, avoiding peer pressure, and more! Help improve our shows and win free stickers by filling out our survey at​!

EPISODE 47 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 17)
w/ Miel Bredouw

Miel of Punch Up The Jam joins to talk Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, largely through the form of elongated improv bits and serious shade. Topics include painting wine questions, Hermione needing better friends, Hogwarts tuition, Sexy Tom Riddle, Jackass, sassy Parseltongue, the stupidity of the Riddles, Mike's prediction for Horcruxes, and more!

EPISODE 46 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 15-16)
w/ Danny Chapman

Danny from Potterotica joins to discuss Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! It's been a bit, but Mike gets FIRED UP in this one. Topics include love potions, Pince & Filch, the Santa Barbara TSA, Fleur DeLaCroix, Sanguini the pasta vampire, YMCA Quidditch, children buffets, cargo shorts, and more!

EPISODE 45 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 14.2)
w/ Michael Fische, Brandon Grugle, and Eric Silver

BOYS NIGHT! The fellas from Multitude's Join the Party sit down with Schubes to discuss the second half of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Ch. 14! Topics include dad jokes, the search for nice Slytherins, Space Jam, The Fat Bastard Premises, Hogwarts demographics, Drake, and more!

EPISODE 44 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 14.1)
w/ Kelly Beckman, Amanda McLoughlin, and Julia Schifini

Three lovely ladies from Multitude join to discuss the first half of Book 6, Chapter 14! This episode also features a new recurring segment in Potterless! Topics include get kinky at Hogwarts, all boys high schools, the love monster, GINNY'S RECKONING, the potential of the future Weasleys, Stockholm Syndrome, Mike's tattoo idea, and more!

EPISODE 43 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 12-13)
w/ Dottie James

British writer Dottie James returns to talk some serious Voldemort action in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include Dense Harry, getting wizard drunk, British insults, Youngledore, Vim Troll, and more!

EPISODE 42 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 10-11)
w/ Dottie James

British poet, writer, and Youtuber Dottie James joins to continue our journey through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include Dottie correcting Mike's British mistakes, The Silent "t" Debate, the Put Outer, understanding Tom Riddle Sr., sympathy for Hagrid, TWO INCREDIBLY BOLD PREDICTIONS, and more!

EPISODE 41 : Half-Blood Prince (Ch. 7-9)
w/ Gabriel Urbina and Sarah Shachat

Gabriel and Sarah, the dynamic duo from Wolf 359, return to discuss more of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Topics include Fleur vs. Tonks, Malfoy FINALLY bullying well, Potterless’ first vape joke, a Ludo Bagman deep dive, Ron’s predictions, Ultimate Frisbee, ANOTHER QUIDDITCH RANT, Harry’s best dig on Snape, a gripe with potions, and more!
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